Green Companies

Beyond Cruelty proposes a new classification of company that takes in the positive aspects of Certified B Corporations and also adds a further requirement, that of being cruelty-free and avoiding any animal exploitation in their business activities.

Similarly to B Corporations, being a V Corporation goes beyond the products or services delivered by your company, it will take in a company’s entire social and environmental performance, and consider additionally how this contributes to the use of animals.

The V Impact Assessment evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impacts animals as well as workers, community, environment, and customers.

From your supply chain and input materials to your charitable giving and employee benefits, a V Corp Certification will show that your business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance whilst remaining cruelty-free and avoiding animal exploitation.

At a minimum, companies should be prepared to adopt the following principles in their business activities.

V Corporation Core Principles

We are committed to defending values in accordance with the principles of the antispecist approach, that is to say, opposing all forms of discrimination based on their species.

As a V Corp we commit to achieving the following in our business:

  • We will not provide any product or service that involves the exploitation of animals.
  • We commit to using no animal products within company premises and to using no animal products elsewhere during the hours and work assignments devoted to the pursuit of our business.
  • The company will positively promote animal rights (right to life, right not to be a property) to customers, prospects and other companies.
  • We will support any company who wishes to adopt this charter.
  • We will not provide products or services to other companies that permit them to perpetuate animal exploitation.
  • We will promote a way of life that results in a positive impact on nature and health.

The V Corp assessment will assess the degree to which a company is achieving the above goals in respect of its own operations, its customers and its suppliers.

100% compliance with the first principle is necessary to apply to become a V Corp.

Together, let’s build a more balanced future for the planet.

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Beyond Cruelty Foundation seeks funds:

  • to set up the framework for the V Corp assessment.
  • to create a logo that can be used by companies that are certified V Corp.
  • to incorporate the work of other organisations in its assessments (e.g. vegan product and producer certifications).
  • to develop its own questionnaires and employ resources needed to vet the company answers.
  • to create a separate webpage (www.vcorp.org) where the logos of participating companies can be displayed.