Imagine a world with no exploitation of animals or destruction of the environment
Beyond Cruelty

Beyond Cruelty Foundation

Beyond Cruelty Foundation is a Swiss-registered Foundation incorporated in the canton of Geneva.

Its purpose is to seek a world where animals are no longer exploited by humans, where it be for food, materials, testing, entertainment, hunting or any other aspect of human society or economic activity.

It aims to do this through three pillars of Education, Collaboration and Promotion.

Beyond Cruelty


Informing the public of all the aspects and the extent to which animals are being exploited and cruelly treated by drawing upon research by other entities and providing it in a form that is engaging and readily accessible, so as to create a change of consciousness in the status and treatment of animals.

Beyond Cruelty


Working with other organisations, global, national and local, to achieve our goal of a kinder, cleaner, healthier world, in which there is no further abuse and exploitation of animals. This will involve creating broad alliances with other organisations on our own campaigns and endorsing and supporting the actions of other organisations that are in line with our objectives.

Beyond Cruelty


Promoting concrete steps that consumers, companies and governments can take in order to rid the world of animal cruelty and exploitation. Causing the impact on animals to be considered in all decisions taken by individuals and institutions with the aim of reducing the negative impact and enhancing the positive impact.

A kinder, cleaner, healthier world

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Beyond Cruelty Foundation welcomes the support and collaboration of all individuals and associations whose work seeks to improve our treatment of animals and to remove animal exploitation entirely from the planet.

Sanctuaries where animals previously abused or held in a system of exploitation are specifically needed in order to ease the transition.

Since wild animals are also under threat from human activity, all charities involved in the conservation of habitat and protection of wild species are also potential partners.

Imagine a world with no exploitation of animals or destruction of the environment

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