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The aim of this project is to create a global song for animals, recorded by famous global artists who are vegan, to have it published, played and performed widely and to create a video to accompany the song, that can also be shared online, to promote the cause of animals and save them from cruelty and harm.

Any funds derived by the sale of recordings, the performance of the song and viewing of the video will go to Beyond Cruelty Foundation, a Swiss-registered Foundation incorporated in the canton of Geneva, whose Statutes are presented here. Claire Smith is the President and Founder of this Foundation.

Claire, a vegetarian since the age of 15 and vegan for the last 20 years, wrote the song “No One Should Die” in March 2017 and recorded it with the assistance of musical director Jean-Marc Brouze at the Catalyse studio in Geneva in March 2018.

A video was created to accompany this initial version of the song by Ollie Ma’ and published on Youtube in June 2018 on the Beyond Cruelty YouTube Channel.

Through a personal introduction Claire engaged Don Mescall, an international singer-songwriter and producer, and vegan, who has worked with Irish artists like The Corrs and Ronan Keating, to work with her on the song, and together they adapted the melody and rearranged the lyrics (as presented below).

Don Mescal
Don Mescall

An arrangement by Michael Busdraghi for piano and orchestra was recorded by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra in February 2019 and a solo for saxophone added in March 2019. Don’s vocals were added and a mix for radio prepared at Pepperpot Studios in London in April 2019.

Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Budapest Symphony Orchestra

Michel Dusraghi
Michel Dusraghi

This shortened version for radio can be heard on Soundcloud by clicking the button below:

And you can watch a video with the song as its Soundtrack here:

Beyond Cruelty aims to identify global artists willing to lend their voices, musical and production talents to a recording of the song.

An established vegan producer of music videos is lined up to create the video and a music industry promoter is ready and available to promote it.

Two studios, in London and Los Angeles, have offered studio time to enable recordings to be made by the artists.

The Beyond Cruelty Foundation will earn royalties on the song, for so long as it continues to be played, and will use this money to further its cause of animals.

lab mouse

No One Should Die (© Claire Smith)

No one should die that we may live
No one should take a life that has such joy to give
No one should kill what could be saved
Concealed within the corridors of the abattoirs each day
No one should die for clothes we wear
Why follow fashion when we know it’s so unfair?
Why test our products on the weak and silenced souls
Locked up in the cages of those labs where no one goes
Why be cruel, when it’s so human to be kind
Why turn away, like out of sight is out of mind?
Denying our own nature, to love
And to be loved
To share this Earth together with no need for hurt or blood
No one should die that we may live
No one should take a life that has such joy to give
No one should kill what should be saved
This is the choice that we make three times a day
A hundred million innocent lives taken every day
How can such a travesty ever be humane?
We love our pets, but say its somehow not the same
Though their love is unconditional and constantly betrayed
Innocent and gentle these creatures we forsake
A new life brought into this world to die within a day?
Visualise who’s on your plate so tastefully arranged
It is our choice to eat to kill, only you can make that change
No one should die
No life to take
No need to kill
Our choice to make.

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